Do 4theluv Non-Paying Publications Suck?

Do they? Do nonpaying publications suck the on the industry like a leech, sucking on the creative talent, exploiting writers for profit without sharing a dime? If you think yes then that’s a pretty bleak and extreme way of looking at it, right?

Nonpaying markets offer a place to learn and get exposure. Granted, the exposure might not be much, and the experience learned is only really as good as the feedback received. However, nonpaying does serve a purpose. The way I see it there are three types of people that choose the nonpaying route:

  1. Those that have tried paying and are looking for experience and feedback
  2. Those with low-self esteem
  3. Those that think the written word should be free

A writer should never just stay playing around in nonpaying markets. I played a lot of video games as a kid, and a my way of looking at it is like in World of Warcraft. Nonpaying markets are the low-level bullshit zones. You go there to get your feet wet, you start out, learn the ropes, but you really need to expand and explore if you want to actually build a character.

Now, I see value in 4theluv. Why wouldn’t I? Deadman’s Tome started out that way. With that said, let’s explore the counter arguments. Some think that it brings down the quality of work overall, but that’s not necessairly a nonpaying problem, but a editor problem. Both nonpaying and paying attract bad work, and I couldn’t imagine money waived around as a deterrent for bad work. The money would attract more work, and increase the probability of higher caliber, but it would also increase the slush. It’s just a fact of stats.

Some say writers deserve “their due”. Okay, sure, but what is “their due”? If a writer chooses to contractually agree to give a publisher publishing rights, non-exclusive publishing rights, in exchange for exposure then that’s their choice. No one is forcing them. What’s the argument? That exposure alone shouldn’t be offered? If you don’t like it, then you don’t have to do agree to it. If others do, then so what? Get mad about is all you want, but in the end who the fuck cares?

There are more arguments. Marchese and I go into 4theluv publications and their purpose on the show and we would love your feedback. Spreaker allows comments, by the way.

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