Top Post of 2017

October Blitz was an insane idea and planned last minute without any input from the Dynamite Marchese, but it turned out to be the most viewed page on the site.

What is October Blitz? Well, Marchese and I host a podcast called the Deadman’s Tome podcast. The show is essentially the fun extra content in old horror magazines like Creep Show, or in magazine in general. While the meat of the show consists of the interviews with various authors, filmmakers, and other creative minds and the discussion on writing, current events, and pop culture, the show is complimented with fan mail and personality.

The podcast would normally broadcast once a week on Friday, with the occasional side episode here and there, but for October I wanted to do an episode every single day. I shot Marchese a message, I declared that we were doing this, and we did it. Now, Marchese has a real job and would need sleep once and a while, so we had guest come in to fill his spot.

You know, I could ramble about what October Blitz was or you could see for yourself. Use this link to check out October Blitz.

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