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Write Every Day?

“Read and write four to six hours a day. If you cannot find the time for that, you can’t expect to become a good writer.” – Stephen King

Do you write every day? Some do, some want to, while others find the act of writing just to write monotonous. Where do you stand?

Those that write every day might have the luxury of not worrying about a 9 to 5 with a side of mandatory overtime (is this legal? Apparently, it is), they might also have method to their schedule and juggle priorities in order to make the time for the 2000 word quota. For those that put in the time and lay down the words each and every day, how do you manage you time and responsibilities?  Those that want to throw down the words would benefit from you feedback.

For those that find the task monotonous, perhaps its the concept of writing just to write to be useless. Some like to start off with an idea, a concept, something worthy of their time, and they may find the process needless because of a lack of understanding of what it means to write every day. What I mean by that is what are you writing? A stream on consciousness? Adding words to a novel? Playing around with a short that may or may not go anywhere?

Please leave you feedback in the comments and share to those that could use this information to help grow as a writer.


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The Ancient Ones 2 Submissions Call

Announcing call for submissions for The Ancient Ones 2

All Submissions should meet this criteria:

Works: short stories

Genre: Horror, Dark fiction inspired by Lovecraft

Current Theme: The Ancient Ones – stories on Cthulhu and the Chtulhu mythos

Deadline: March 15th – could close early if filled quickly

Format: Attach the .RTF, .DOC, or .DOCX 

Word Count 5k – 7k words approx.

Payment: 60% of net earnings divided evenly among the authors.

Multiple Submissions okay.

 Submit a brief bio, we don’t care if you have no work history, give us a brief bio of yourself.

Send submission to

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Real American Horror Top 10!

Critters Preditors & Editors ran a poll for best anthology, and Deadman’s Tome’s Real American Horror was selected to compete. Real American Horror went up against Full Moon Slaughter 2: Altered Beasts by J. Ellington Ashton Press (is that  a Sega Genesis reference?), Sex, Gore, & Millipedes by Dragon Roost Press, Depraved Desires by Hellbound Books, and many others.

Read on your Kindle

Though Real American Horror didn’t land first, the grim collection of gritty horror fought its way up and maintained ground long enough to secure placement in  the top 10! I still can’t believe it. This particular anthology has a rougher and darker tone than the The Ancient Ones and Monsters Exist. The idea was to select stories that capture the underlying horrors in America, the real struggles that mainstream news hardly covers. Let me put it this way:  torture in the name of Jesus, psychotic gun violence, and zika virus… and moonshine, plenty of moonshine.



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Game and Chill

Game and Chill is a brand new Twitch channel that focuses on retro/old-school titles for consoles and PC. The new channel features a live stream called Late Night Fail and videos that foster discussion on various video game related topics.

Late Night Fail – Mr. Deadman fumbles his way through various old school games likes Super Mario Bros, TMNT for NES, and Mega Man. Catch Late Night Fail every Monday and Wednesday at 9pm CST and extended streams Saturday nights after 9pm CST.

The discussion videos are uploaded every Monday and Friday on Twitch and YouTube.


Game and Chill is about having a good time and welcomes passionate discussions on favorite games. Feel free to check out the channels by following the links below.



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Cthulhu is Pleased… I hope

I wouldn’t want the ancient one pissed. We called for a vote for the best story in Cthulhu Christmas Special and we received a response of fifteen votes with Red Christmas in first place with 53%. Tony Evans wrote an entertaining story that ran parallel with certain War on Christmas themes that often creep up around the holidays, and people loved it. As a result, Tony will receive $20 in cash and a certificate that honors him.

Haven’t read Cthulhu Christmas Special? Well, I think I might have a link to that somewhere. Look below this sentence.

Get Cthulhu Christmas Special
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Do 4theluv Non-Paying Publications Suck?

Do they? Do nonpaying publications suck the on the industry like a leech, sucking on the creative talent, exploiting writers for profit without sharing a dime? If you think yes then that’s a pretty bleak and extreme way of looking at it, right?

Nonpaying markets offer a place to learn and get exposure. Granted, the exposure might not be much, and the experience learned is only really as good as the feedback received. However, nonpaying does serve a purpose. The way I see it there are three types of people that choose the nonpaying route:

  1. Those that have tried paying and are looking for experience and feedback
  2. Those with low-self esteem
  3. Those that think the written word should be free

A writer should never just stay playing around in nonpaying markets. I played a lot of video games as a kid, and a my way of looking at it is like in World of Warcraft. Nonpaying markets are the low-level bullshit zones. You go there to get your feet wet, you start out, learn the ropes, but you really need to expand and explore if you want to actually build a character.

Now, I see value in 4theluv. Why wouldn’t I? Deadman’s Tome started out that way. With that said, let’s explore the counter arguments. Some think that it brings down the quality of work overall, but that’s not necessairly a nonpaying problem, but a editor problem. Both nonpaying and paying attract bad work, and I couldn’t imagine money waived around as a deterrent for bad work. The money would attract more work, and increase the probability of higher caliber, but it would also increase the slush. It’s just a fact of stats.

Some say writers deserve “their due”. Okay, sure, but what is “their due”? If a writer chooses to contractually agree to give a publisher publishing rights, non-exclusive publishing rights, in exchange for exposure then that’s their choice. No one is forcing them. What’s the argument? That exposure alone shouldn’t be offered? If you don’t like it, then you don’t have to do agree to it. If others do, then so what? Get mad about is all you want, but in the end who the fuck cares?

There are more arguments. Marchese and I go into 4theluv publications and their purpose on the show and we would love your feedback. Spreaker allows comments, by the way.

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2018 Writing Contest

Deadman’s Tome 2018 Flash Fiction contest

We want your demented, horror flash fiction and we want them to make disturb us! Submissions should be no more than 800 words, and should be well written and soaked with disturbing imagery.

Deadline: April 30th 2018

Prizes: 1st ($100), 2nd ($75), 3rd ($50)

Entry fee: $5 USD

*This fee is to help cover the costs associated with the contest. The fee would be refunded if you decide to pull out from the contest within fourteen days of signing up for the contest.


  • Original, unpublished work
  • No more than 800 word count
  • Dark, disturbing horror
  • Stories will be read and judged starting on May 1st. The readings and judging would be conducted live on a special broadcast of the Deadman’s Tome podcast
  • Entry fee is nonrefundable after 14 days of sign-up
  • Failure to read and follow the rules is on you

If interested contact with Flash Fiction Contest in subject line.




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Subscribe to Deadman’s Tome

Want a consistent serving of chilling horror, gripping thrillers, and demented content? Then subscribe to Deadman’s Tome to gain access to the Deadman’s Tome library. For only $2 a month,  you get access to just about everything Deadman’s Tome has to offer, that includes back issues and new releases. The library is currently being updated, but right now you can download digital versions of The Ancient Ones, Monsters Exist, and Cthulhu Special!

For only two dollars a month? This offer is insane, right? All you need is to use the subscribe link and you’ll be directed to the library.

If you want access to other digital files like epub and .mobi, then you’ll want to pledge at the Deadman’s Tome Patreon page. WordPress is giving me grief with those file types.




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Shoutouts on the Podcast

Trying to market your book or creative project? Then perhaps a shoutout from the Deadman’s Tome podcast could help.

Deadman’s Tome podcast reaches about 300 listens and 200 downloads a week, and aims at a demographic of adult men and women that like to write, read horror books, watch horror films, sometimes drink, and otherwise have a good time.

Here’s the brass tax. I want to open the show for paid shoutouts and sponsors, but I want you to feel like you’re getting your money’s worth.

For a dollar, a crisp US dollar, I’ll shoutout your product or whatever at the beginning of the Friday live stream.

For five dollars, I’ll shoutout your product or whatever at the beginning if the show for a week. That would include the Friday live stream, a show on Monday, and a show on Wednesday.

For ten dollars, I’ll shoutout your product or whatever at the beginning of the show for a month. For a freakin’ month!

Payments would be through PayPal. Message me direct using if interested.