The Ancient Ones 2 Submissions Call

Announcing call for submissions for The Ancient Ones 2 All Submissions should meet this criteria: Works: short stories Genre: Horror, Dark fiction inspired by Lovecraft Current Theme: The Ancient Ones – stories on Cthulhu and the Chtulhu mythos Deadline: March 15th – could close early if filled quickly Format: Attach the .RTF, .DOC, or .DOCX  Word Count 5k – 7k words approx. Payment: 60% of … Continue reading The Ancient Ones 2 Submissions Call

Real American Horror Top 10!

Critters Preditors & Editors ran a poll for best anthology, and Deadman’s Tome’s Real American Horror was selected to compete. Real American Horror went up against Full Moon Slaughter 2: Altered Beasts by J. Ellington Ashton Press (is that  a Sega Genesis reference?), Sex, Gore, & Millipedes by Dragon Roost Press, Depraved Desires by Hellbound Books, and many others. Though Real American Horror didn’t land … Continue reading Real American Horror Top 10!

Cthulhu is Pleased… I hope

I wouldn’t want the ancient one pissed. We called for a vote for the best story in Cthulhu Christmas Special and we received a response of fifteen votes with Red Christmas in first place with 53%. Tony Evans wrote an entertaining story that ran parallel with certain War on Christmas themes that often creep up around the holidays, and people loved it. As a result, … Continue reading Cthulhu is Pleased… I hope

Do 4theluv Non-Paying Publications Suck?

Do they? Do nonpaying publications suck the on the industry like a leech, sucking on the creative talent, exploiting writers for profit without sharing a dime? If you think yes then that’s a pretty bleak and extreme way of looking at it, right? Nonpaying markets offer a place to learn and get exposure. Granted, the exposure might not be much, and the experience learned is … Continue reading Do 4theluv Non-Paying Publications Suck?

2018 Writing Contest

Deadman’s Tome 2018 Flash Fiction contest We want your demented, horror flash fiction and we want them to make disturb us! Submissions should be no more than 800 words, and should be well written and soaked with disturbing imagery. Deadline: April 30th 2018 Prizes: 1st ($100), 2nd ($75), 3rd ($50) Entry fee: $5 USD *This fee is to help cover the costs associated with the … Continue reading 2018 Writing Contest