Horror for Charity!

  Mechanisms of Despair, Gary Buller’s debut collection, features dark psychological horror that will keep you hooked. This collection contains some of of Gary’s earlier works that have be re-written line by line, and put through the editing process again. Gary would like to think that the readers are getting a ‘high definition’ version of the original tales, and he’s absolutely correct.   The talented … Continue reading Horror for Charity!

Pick Raven’s Brain and Scary Logos Conspiracy

This Friday at 10PM CST, Mr. Deadman and William C. Marchese pick Raven McAllister’s brain and explore the conspiracy behind scary logos. Raven McAllister is a psychotherapist hailing from southwest Louisiana. His stories have been featured on a number of eZine sites such as Dark Energy Speculative Fiction, Macabre Cadaver, and Flashes in the Dark, and in the print anthology Hindered Souls. His latest story, “The … Continue reading Pick Raven’s Brain and Scary Logos Conspiracy

Tom’s Thumbs – K. M. Campbell

  TOM’S THUMBS – K. M. Campbell While the old couple slept Malakai the demon eyed them in the dark. They disgusted him and were perfect for his needs. 3000 years of servitude was over and he was free of this half-life. He was ready to return to the full world and no one was left to stop him. He had outlived all his hated … Continue reading Tom’s Thumbs – K. M. Campbell

My Personal Necronomicon – Morgan K Tanner

  It is through my own naïve thoughtlessness that these great horrors have inflicted themselves upon me in this way. When my life ends, which will be moments and not days, weeks, or years, I can only hope that their torment will finally end. But I know that my very soul, be it living or dead, will never recover from the abhorrence I have engrained … Continue reading My Personal Necronomicon – Morgan K Tanner

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Cthulhu Beckons You!

To Pay Your Respects! March arrives and with it comes The Ancient Ones! A great tribute to the dark and deeply disturbed mind responsible for the creation of Cthulhu and the other Elder Gods. H. P. Lovecraft may have been relatively unknown during his time, but now he is remembered as one of the legends. And Deadman’s Tome is going to pay its respects to the … Continue reading Cthulhu Beckons You!