Woman Hit Four Times in a Row!

As dumb kid that thought he knew everything, I didn’t listen to my parents on many things, but I remember vividly to look both ways before crossing the road. Hell, my folks were so effective in teaching this little piece of advice that it’s practically ingrained in me. To this day, I still look both ways even at a one-way, which isn’t as dumb as looking both ways at a intersections with a dead-end.

This lady, however, missed that important lesson and crossed the road to get hit not once, not twice, but four fucking times! The first driver must’ve floored her so hard that the consecutive second, third, and forth thought she was a road bump. The universe wanted her dead. Horrible to say, right? Don’t blame the victim, right? But we’re talking about four fucking cars. There’s no coincidence with those odds. One car is an accident. Two cars is a brutal accident. Three cars is shit luck, but four cars is the universe giving you the finger. Maybe this was a hit job, I don’t know. Maybe the mob wanted her deader than dead because of she ratted someone out. Maybe this was all planned out because she’s the village homewrecker, or maybe she’s just too dumb to remember a lesson as simple as look both fucking ways!



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