Secret to Advertising

You found this because you’re looking for a secret. Not just any secret, but that one particular secret that will launch your blog, vlog, book, or what have you into the stratosphere of popularity. I understand. Who wouldn’t want their creation to be the next fidget spinner, the next must have item. Maybe you’ve already tried advise from pay-to-play blogs, sought help from Fiverr gigs, followed the tips of costly strategists, or maybe you haven’t tried anything at all. No matter. Those that have experience in marketing and advertising will attest to what I’m about to reveal.

One of the best pieces of advertising advice I can give you is don’t pay for banner ads. Just do not do it. They’re an absolute waste. Anyone that tells you different is telling you what you want to hear so that they will make a dine. Ask yourself this, have you EVER, EVER in your life clicked on a banner ad? Seriously? Maybe you fell for it a nifty ad once of twice, but internet savvy people aren’t duped by banner ads, and that’s assuming they don’t have ad-blocker.

Why do I say this? First off, from experience. I have made the mistake of forking over a lot, and I mean a lot of money to banner ads on various popular websites and it did not result in even a little blip. On Monsters Exist, I got cocky and ignored my better instincts and went full throttle on stupid and bought ad spaces on big name websites. You know what that got me in return? A hole that I’m digging my way out of! Other projects have done just fine without that expensive ad tab, and to market them I use social media and word of mouth. Monsters Exist might’ve earned more than He’s Risen, but at least He’s Risen actually returned a profit. Hell, even Horrgams returned a profit and that anthology was shadow banned on Amazon for the longest.

Secondly, sit and really think about this for a minute. Who is actively searching for a banner ad? Who is actually looking at banner ads? Most people that see a banner ad avoid it like sloppy second on a five dollar hooker. No one is clicking, and those that do bounce faster than Mexcans at a Home Depot when police show up.  Even worse, most people are using their phones to do most, if not all of their browsing. iPhones, Androids, whatever you have are like mini-computers in your hand. The only time someone gets on a computer is for actual work, serious writing, applying for college, or gaming, though even that is changing.

Third, some places require that you buy a banner ad so that you’ll get other “things”. Some sites, some big name horror sites, require you to purchase a month of ad space before they’ll even consider reviewing your work or offering an interview. Why? to show that you’re serious or to so that you’ll help them stay afloat on a system that doesn’t work? If banner ads were effective, there would be a natural incentive to buy ads, especially repeat customers, but they do not work. Instead, they have to require that you give them some money so they can keep their shit afloat. That screams scam city to me.

In summation, banner ads are just a huge waste of money. Avoid them. Just plain out avoid them. I don’t care the name of the site or if you know the people. Avoid paying for them because they’re most likely not going to work, not at all. This has been my TuesdayThought.

Take it easy.




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  1. Finally listening to the Dynamite, huh? Lol.

    It’s true, though. Maybe unless it’s a huge magazine and you’re Thomas Harris putting out your new book. Which has been a while, what’s going on, Thomas? I want something new!


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