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Worst Day of Your Life?

You might be stuck in an office meeting with a boss that just won’t shut the fuck up, dumping gallons upon gallons of verbal diarrhea about how everyone in the room, with a few exceptions, are pieces of shit! But you know what you’re not doing? Literally cleaning shit off the bathroom floor. You know what else you’re not doing? You’re not on your knees in a dirty alley giving some dude a hummer for twenty dollars. You know what else you’re not doing? You’re not in a nursing home cleaning up geriatric ass explosions.

If you think sitting in an office is the worst day of you life, even if it’s the day your boss tells you to clean out your fucking desk, even if it’s the day a co-worker outs you as gay, there is someone else with a shittier day than you, and they’re getting through.

Not saying you’re problem isn’t any less legit, but that there are literal shit jobs that people are doing right now, while you complain about your job being the equivalent of a shit job.

How’s that for a bit of Monday motivation?

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  1. A job is a vacation from poverty 😉

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