Free Beer With a Catch

Drinking sponsored beer. What’s that like? To get drunk on someone else’s  dime is always nice. I’m not one to refuse a free beer, and I mean any beer. I once spent a night downing Lone Star light, because friends of the band were welcomed to the complimentary beer well. Hell, I once took a beer from one of my exs just on the basis that it was free. Yeah, I was married at the time. Yeah, I know the implications. I’ve had that conversation with my wife numerous times and put my foot deeper into my mouth each and every time it’s brought up. My point is I’ve never said no to a free beer. But, would I say yes to a free beer with limitations?

I drink a lot of beer and have a habit of trying different brews, different styles, and different countries. Sure, I’ll drink a Budwiser or Bud Light. I’ll even drink a Miller lite or a Coors. I’ll even spend afternoons sipping on Shiner or chill at the beach with a Corona Extra, but sometimes I want better. Sometimes I want different. Sometimes I want a certain style. When a Corona is offered but there’s a Modelo available, you know which one I’m going to chooses, especially if it’s Modelo Negra. Sometimes when a Shiner is offered, but a Samuel Adams Winter Lager is available, then I’ll go Winter Lager. If a German Pilsner is available but I’m offered free Budwiser, I’ll gladly fork over the money for a Pilsner. Call me a snob all you want, but it’s not like I wouldn’t drink the free Budwiser in addition.

Right now, Deadman’s Tome is a free bird. I can drink whatever I want whenever I want. But what happens when the day comes a beer company wants to support the podcast? I don’t think I would take the offer, if it prevented me from being able to enjoy other beers. I know, sounds crazy right? Kicking back and getting plastered on free Miller, Corona, or even Pabst would be fun, but do I want to be committed to that brand? That sounds like marriage. Uh, I already have one wife, don’t need two.

What do you think? What would you do? Any ways, hope you’re able to enjoy that Friday feeling.

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