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ThrowbackThursday: Scary Logos

It’s #ThrowbackThursday and time to look back at on the many things that have happened in the past! Let’s take a look at an episode of Deadman’s Tome podcast called Scary Logos! This episode featured The Dynamite Marchese and Raven McAllister, and together gloated about how well The Ancient Ones was doing, and dared to explore the conspiracy related to scary logos!

Having re-listened to this, it sounds like Cthulhu or people involved with Screen Gems tried to hack the stream! It could’ve been the Russians. I know, I know, easy target these days, but there is a strange scary logo from Russia with a weird, mysterious past. Raven talked about Roofwork and shared some interesting ideas about the scary logos and psychic vampires. Marchese admits he has a drinking problem. I stumbled upon Dinosaur Erotica which spawned the After Dark series.

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