Back Off Haters!

that’s right, back off haters! There’s no time for those haters. You know who I’m talking about and don’t worry, you don’t need to throw out any names. Haters, trolls, butt hurt backseat writers, whatever you want to call them, they come in to your life in different ways. Some try to be your friend, some try to work with you, while others come at you from the start. And just about everyone that has ever lived has dealt with them. All professions have haters. Hell, even Jesus Christ had haters and he was supposed to be such a kind and gentle soul. So, don’t cry or get upset if you have that hater that follows your work and gives those nasty one-star Amazon reviews. People can see through it, trust me.

Listen to what Mr. Deadman and the Dynamite Marchese have to say about Haters and how to handle them and feel free to chime in. We’re not experts on taming the haters, who really is? But, we’ve definitely dealt with our fair share!

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