Is Spending Money On Creative Writing Courses a Waste?

Creative writing courses are everywhere and within the midst are good ones, and then there are the con artists. regardless, my thoughts are that paying someone or an organization thousands of dollars to learn how to write and how to tell a story seems overkill. There are so many other ways to learn how to write, and a lot of them don’t cost anymore than a twenty and time. For example, reading doesn’t cost anymore than the cost of a book and a cup of coffee (if you even drink coffee), and often times you can find a book for dirt cheap or even free, if you look hard enough. Read, read, and read some more to get an understanding of how to craft a narrative and how to format. If you need additional help, there are so many useful books out there on the subject. Hell, even Stephen King wrote a book on writing, and it’ll definitely direct you in the right direction.

Listen to what Marchese and Mr. Deadman have to say on the subject and let us know what you think.

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