Former Facebook exec Claims Facebook is ripping apart the social fabric of how society works.

Former executive of Facebook thinks he helped in creating tools that are destroying the social fabric of society. The short term dopamine driven feedback loops we’ve created are destroying how society works. He claims that Facebook is part of the reason why there’s no civil discourse, no cooperation, massive misinformation and mistruth.

As a contrarian, I want to counter his claims so bad. While I can come up with historic examples to show that people have always formed groups and competed with those in the other groups. We’re social animals and for the most part want to be with people that think, talk, and act like we do, and we also like to attack those on the other side of the field. This truth has been around since caveman days to the Victorian times, to even modern day. The difference is that we’re all connected in a way and communicate at a rate once thought only imaginable as science fiction. But we’re living in science fiction. We can face-time with people across the globe, broadcast to everyone world wide from a coffee shop, have selfdriving cars, explore virtual worlds, and even higher sex bots. This is the future!

With that said, I agree that tools like Facebook are changing and reshaping how society functions, but I don’t know about ripping the fabric apart. True, couples sometimes spend nights, days, even week’s without talking while getting a continual dopamine fix, but is that the fault of Facebook or relationship issues gone ignored? 

People still engage in conversation, but in conversations that interest them. Besides, to claim that people staring at their screens are antisocial ignores that they’re in fact likely socializing with others online. 

Divisions between this group and that group have become more intense in relation to the group a becoming more polarized and sometimes even fanatical. This development does seem to be related to the dominance of social media, and I’m not sure what it would lead to in the future. Perhaps society will group off into various social camps, form guilds, and what have you. Perhaps society will become so divided that society crumbles like a shit cookie.

Personally, I hate Facebook. I’m find the timeline a convoluted mess of virtue signaling. 

What do you think? What’s your MondayMusing on this? 

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