Donald Trump Drinks Diet Coke, So What?

It seems that there are only three things that interest mainstream media these days: sexual allegations, Russia and everything related to Trump. News outlets are obsessed with the President, stalking him like a goddamn creeper, reporting on every little minuet detail. These news outlets talk about him so much you would think they ogle him like teenage girls ogle those boy bands. Love him or hate him, the constant coverage is only feeding him attention. But it’s much worse than that. When you have reporters following and reporting the sort of soda the man drinks, then you have unhealthy levels of obsession. You have paparazzi to report on every trivial thing.

Let me stress something. I don’t give a fuck what the president drinks. I don’t give a fuck if he drinks Diet Coke, regular Coke, Pepsi, or straight-up rhino piss. I don’t give a flying fuck at all. How is his soda of choice fucking news? How is the unhealthy habits of President Trump remotely news worthy? Next, CNN will report that Trump scratches his ass, maybe even gives the ole crack check to make sure he wiped good enough. NBC may even come out with a ground breaking report on Trumps choice of doughnut, or his preference in steak. Wait, I believe CNN already covered that. Well-done, which is just awful.

This is part of the reason why hardly anyone takes mainstream media serious.

What are your thoughts?


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