Thanksgiving is Bullshit

Thanksgiving is the day to give thanks, or so we’re told. Americans have been told as early as Kindergarten that the pilgrims and the natives somehow managed to join for a sharing of food, for a nice and lovely meal. Hold the phone, you mean to tell me that Pilgrims and Indians were able to set aside their differences, set aside the anger and prejudice (on both sides) to meet for a peaceful meal? I don’t buy that for a second. Not my inbred cousin would by that story. You would have to some kind of grade A moron, the sort of moron that manages to lose a race that he rigged!

The first thanksgiving, if there was one, must’ve had the tension of politics and religion, not all that different to the thanksgiving dinners of today. Though, I hope that you aren’t putting a knife to each other’s neck. If you manage to have a good time with family and didn’t have to deal with uninvited guests or with Putin, Trump, or even Hillary stopping by then consider yourself lucky.



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