Just about everyone would agree that Mr. Deadman is bit crazy, but now he seems to have gone completely insane. The full-time working and devoted family man wants to celebrate October with a constant nightly stream of the Deadman’s Tome podcast! Is this even possible? Will he manage to put in for a full week’s worth of content? He thinks so and with the help of Marchese and guest it can happen.

The Deadman’s Tome podcast covers everything from horror, writing, and even current happenings. While the show doesn’t like to get political, sometimes things happen around us that just can’t go ignored. New episodes of the podcast will be released daily with as much adherence as possible, but expect a break or two. C’mon, even a Deadman needs some rest.

Want to be on the podcast? Filmmakers, actors, writers, film lovers, and shit posters welcomed. Email me at jessecdedman@gmail.com






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