Deadman’s Tome: Final Contact “A Layer Hidden” by Candace Robinson #Anthology #Horror #Scifi #ShortStory #Aliens

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So I have been reading through this anthology and it’s all pretty good…

But today I’m going to share a short story from the September issue by author, Candace Robinson aka Literary Dust, called “A Layer Hidden”.

A Layer Hidden (Deadman’s Tome: Final Contact/ September Issue)

Deadman’s Tome presents First Contact. This volume of galactic terror features stories that warn of the consequences of bold space exploration, exploitative mining, venturing too far, and contact with foreign entities. You see, dear reader, we are not alone, and our first contact might just be our last!

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What is it about aliens that you fear most? Is it the unknown, the thought that they could possess superior intelligence? For me, it’s the stories and movies about parasitic aliens that use us as hosts that give me the heebie jeebies, and Candace has reinforced that fear with her short story.

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