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Final Contact

Humanity has been looking at the stars since the dawn of time.

Is there something out there?

The question drives us. We broadcast signals, cast probes, and launch drones searching for an answer, and we probably come off as desperate attention seekers. What if they’ve heard and chose to ignore us, but we’ve kept pestering? What if they’ve been far from us and difficult to find for a reason? What if the first contact is our last?

Deadman’s Tome presents Final Contact

Featuring Eric S Brown, James Grim Desborough, David Hoenig, Brian Malachy Quinn, Candace Robinson, Madeleine Swann, DJ Tyrer, and Kristofer Velasquez!


Available for Deadman’s Tome patrons 

Available for Amazon Kindle

Will be available at most eBook retailers, soon.

Print copy coming soon



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