Why Readers Love Final Contact

Star Trek Discovery attempts to emulate that classic with a heavy blend of new, and fans seem conflicted. Is it too little too late? Or is it better late than never? Star Trek fans may hate it when I say, I’m glad they’re not just recycling the old. I don’t know about you, but I’m getting tired on these reboots and “soft” reboots. Name a … Continue reading Why Readers Love Final Contact

Deadman’s Tome October BLITZ

Just about everyone would agree that Mr. Deadman is bit crazy, but now he seems to have gone completely insane. The full-time working and devoted family man wants to celebrate October with a constant nightly stream of the Deadman’s Tome podcast! Is this even possible? Will he manage to put in for a full week’s worth of content? He thinks so and with the help … Continue reading Deadman’s Tome October BLITZ

New Special! Name Your Price!

Just about every weekend I run a special or giveaway on select titles. I really don’t care about the money. I’m not in this business to make bank. What I want is to create a platform where authors can reach readers like you, and that means I’m willing to make some very persuasive offers from time to time. I present Name Your Price. I have … Continue reading New Special! Name Your Price!

Red Roses, White Flags – Pete Clark

‘Now,’ the voice said. ‘The time is now.’ It was heavily disguised, he knew that, and as such, there was not a trace of accent. His heart sank a little at the words, but he knew it was coming, this call. He had been paid, and paid well, and God knew he deserved the money. The desert blew in sandy twists around his feet, and … Continue reading Red Roses, White Flags – Pete Clark

Deadman’s Tome: Final Contact “A Layer Hidden” by Candace Robinson #Anthology #Horror #Scifi #ShortStory #Aliens

Originally posted on Reads & Reels:
So I have been reading through this anthology and it’s all pretty good… But today I’m going to share a short story from the September issue by author, Candace Robinson aka Literary Dust, called “A Layer Hidden”. A Layer Hidden (Deadman’s Tome: Final Contact/ September Issue) Deadman’s Tome presents First Contact. This volume of galactic terror features stories that warn of… Continue reading Deadman’s Tome: Final Contact “A Layer Hidden” by Candace Robinson #Anthology #Horror #Scifi #ShortStory #Aliens

Read for Free Week!

No matter who you are, no matter where you were, 9/11 was a devastating and soul shocking moment. The fact that the destruction was allowed to take place revealed just how vulnerable the West really is. The twin towers shattered and collapsed like our confidence and sense of security. Battered, bruised and with angered hearts, just about everyone demanded revenge. We sent our brave men … Continue reading Read for Free Week!