Disney sued for spying on your kids!

Mr. Deadman and Marchese joked about Disney spying on kids on the Deadman’s Tome podcast a few months back, and while words were said in jest, a nerve was struck. Mr. Deadman made it clear that he finds the very idea of Disney spying on little Timmy and Sally with out parental consent appalling. 

As a parent, how do you feel about the giant media company gathering data on your kids and then selling that data to advertisers? This data could be anything from name, date of birth, photographs, patterns of interests, and even video! Are you okay with That? 

Imagine strange people watching your children from a remote location as they played at the park. Your children don’t know they’re being studied, and neither do you. Yet, they’re being observed like lab rats. Watched by people with all sorts of motive. God forbid these creepers start getting perverted thoughts when they see your kids in compromising positions.

As you can imagine, parents are pissed. These parents have grounds to file for a class action lawsuit against Disney and they’re bot playing. Disney claims it’ll defend, but this is not the first time they got trouble and lost for violating privacy laws! 

Not fake news, folks. 


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