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Fuck Amazon – Amazon Approves of Exotic Pedo Filth

Have you ever had your book blocked on Amazon for content guideline violations because it was too offensive? Have you ever read a book from the Kindle library and wondered there’s no way it could get worse than this?

Oh, believe me, it can. It most certainly can.

I present a little show called Fuck Amazon where you and I will dive deep into the depths of the most bizarre filth that Amazon has to offer. Why? Because who doesn’t like to witness a train wreck? Who doesn’t like to see a shit show? And most importantly, who doesn’t like sweet delicious irony? You see, despite what you may think. Amazon actually screens the thousands upon thousands of ebooks that are uploaded on to their platform, and they’re quick to block material they deem offensive. But apparently, Exotic pedo porn is not offensive.

Listen and let’s share this moment together.


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