Women of Horror

Laurie Strode and Sidney Prescott evaded  legendary killers.

Morticia Adams, and Lily Munster brought perception and balance to their dysfunctional families.

Ripley faced off against xenomorphs, while the sex-starved soccer mom in the Babadook had to deal with an annoying son that wouldn’t stop pestering.

Horror has a lot of iconic female characters and is the one genre that really gives woman an edge.

Some might complain and say that women are always the victim. To that I say nonsense. It’s horror, sweetheart, there is always going to be a victim and with male and female it’s sort of leaves just two choices, and it’s not always women. Besides horror works by exploiting relationships so someone’s girlfriend, boy toy, baby momma is gonna get the knife.

Horror, compared to other genres, features more female lead roles which means we get to see these ladies face-off against impossible odds to become survival bad asses, and we can always use more of that. 

Now, of course there’s exploitation. It’s horror. It depends on exploitation. Does that mean women are being exploited for their wider range of emotion and used as targets in a gauntlet of terror just to get a response from the audience? Uh, yeah. Just like guys are used for their risk taking behavior and often depicted as arrogant jocks. But let’s explore this.

This Friday (Aug 4th) at 10pm CST, the Deadman’s Tome podcast will explore the Women of Horror.

Hopefully, That Horrible Woman will join us. Who is That Horrible Woman, her voice gives life to scary stories. She reads stories to you, sort of like your mother when you were a kid, but these are probably bot the stories your mom would read.

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