Get ready for a double feature of unrelenting horror! Deadman’s Tome Campfire Tales Book One and Book Two consist of demented tales carefully crafted by established authors and promising newcomers to create a blend that will haunt you well after your first read.

Share the stories in Deadman’s Tome Campfire Tales Book One and Two with others while gathered around a fire at night, and you’ll be remembered. Oh, you will be remembered as the one that sent chills down their spine, renewed the fear in their heart, and instilled an overwhelming sense of dread. While I recommend to share these tales over a fire, do not read alone in the dark.

Dear reader, please take the cliche warning seriously and do not read in the dark. These stories contain intense images of graphic violence and disturbing content that is absolutely not intended for the weak.

Deadman’s Tome Campfire Tales Book One and Book Two is available on Amazon for Kindle and in print.

Get access to Campfire Tales and most Deadman’s Tome titles for only $2 by becoming a patron of the Deadman’s Tome Patreon page.

Owner of Dedman Productions, a small production company that focuses on bringing entertainment in both fiction and film.

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