Get Ready For Domination!


Mistress Rosie (Lisa Dabrowski) meets with Mr. Deadman and The Dynamite Marchese to administer a brutal beating. Lisa Dabrowski is a horror writer by day and mistress by night. She specializes in humiliating her clients. Will she humiliate the hosts to the point of tears?

Wallace Boothill will make an appearance. Will Marchese finally get to air out his grievances? Check out the show to find out tonight at 10pm CST! Participate in chat to win free stuff.

Call in using 2816172830 or Skype using



  1. I think we are potentially living in a golden age of horror. The Witch was excellent, not just good movie good, but an excellent film– horror or not. We can’t tell if it will be iconic yet, but one thing I can say is that I’ve seen a handful of Black Phillip tattoos on the internet, so some connection has been made.

    Also, It Follows and The Babadook are regularly mentioned as great films, and the Babadook as a character has transferred over into the mainstream consciousness. There are a lot of Golden Ages of Horror, almost every decade has it’s own– I think it’s possible we might be in one now.

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