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Why Read When You Can Listen?

Sure, reading can be enjoyable, but when the setting is right. You know, when there are no annoying little distractions coming on you like you’ve volunteered as a target for a bukkake. You want to read, but sometimes life demands your attention elsewhere. Such as watching the kids, doing chores, or using your car as a taxi cab.

Don’t worry, Deadman’s Tome has a solution. Why read when you can listen? 

Patrons of Deadman’s Tome get access to readings of select stories such as The Wicked Congregation by Gary Buller, The Murder of Crows by S. J. Budd, and The Lake Monster by Mr. Deadman

Patrons also get access to story readings from Book of Horrors I, He’s Risen, Monsters Exist, March to the Grave and  more. Patrons have access to over 300 pages of content!

Patrons also have access to almost all of the issues Deadman’s Tome has to offer and early access to upcoming issues. Want to beta read and see what’s in the works? Become a Patron!

Patrons also have access to a little after show called After Dark, a bizarre exploration of the deep and uncharted seas of Amazon Dumpster Material like Boned by the Triceratops!

Consider becoming a patron today by going to

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