Women of Horror

Laurie Strode and Sidney Prescott evaded  legendary killers. Morticia Adams, and Lily Munster brought perception and balance to their dysfunctional families. Ripley faced off against xenomorphs, while the sex-starved soccer mom in the Babadook had to deal with an annoying son that wouldn’t stop pestering. Horror has a lot of iconic female characters and is the one genre that really gives woman an edge. Some … Continue reading Women of Horror

Microbial Horror and Josh Schlossberg

The U.S. Military has released engineered microbes into the general population. No, this is not a myth, and this is not some Info Wars conspiracy piece. If you live in San Francisco, you could be exposed to foreign bacteria that could have a range of undocumented side-effects. Joining us is Josh Schlossberg, author featured in Deadman’s Tome Campfire Tales Book Two and host of Josh’s … Continue reading Microbial Horror and Josh Schlossberg

PRE-ORDER TODAY: Viremia featured in Campfire Tales!

Originally posted on Josh's Worst Nightmare:
It’s never a good idea to venture into the desert alone… Find out why in Josh Schlossberg’s short story, “Viremia,” to be published in Campfire Tales – Book 2, a project of Deadman’s Tome, along with the horrific tales of 17 other incredible speculative fiction authors. Pre-order the double-feature Campfire Tales Books 1 & 2 today in advance… Continue reading PRE-ORDER TODAY: Viremia featured in Campfire Tales!

Campfire Tales Double Feature!

Get ready for a double feature of unrelenting horror! Deadman’s Tome Campfire Tales Book One and Book Two consist of demented tales carefully crafted by established authors and promising newcomers to create a blend that will haunt you well after your first read. Share the stories in Deadman’s Tome Campfire Tales Book One and Two with others while gathered around a fire at night, and … Continue reading Campfire Tales Double Feature!

Get Ready For Domination!

  Mistress Rosie (Lisa Dabrowski) meets with Mr. Deadman and The Dynamite Marchese to administer a brutal beating. Lisa Dabrowski is a horror writer by day and mistress by night. She specializes in humiliating her clients. Will she humiliate the hosts to the point of tears? Wallace Boothill will make an appearance. Will Marchese finally get to air out his grievances? Check out the show … Continue reading Get Ready For Domination!

Book Review: Deadman’s Tome – Monsters Exist

Originally posted on Adventure, Magic and Nightmares:
Hi there everyone. Due to some technical difficulties, the upload schedule for chapter three of From The Shadows has been set back by a week, meaning that instead of being finished and uploaded on the 17th, it’ll be uploaded on the 24th instead (God willing). While I won’t be able to access my computer for long periods of time this… Continue reading Book Review: Deadman’s Tome – Monsters Exist

Call for Submissions

Calling for submissions for the Deadman’s Tome September issue. The theme? Let’s go deep into the realm of sci-fi horror. Let’s explore the claustrophobic corridors of abandoned space ships, the fragmented ruins of distant worlds, and the demonic horrors that watch us from afar! Theme: Dark horror sci-fi. Gore and adult subject matter welcomed Word limit: 5k Payment: Royalties 60% of net earning split evenly … Continue reading Call for Submissions