Report: City Of Flint Is Threatening 8,000 Homeowners With Foreclosure Over Unpaid Water Bills

What does it say about a First World nation when a whole city has poisonous water? It says it’s a fucking joke.

You know who else can’t get clean drinking water? People in Somalia. But the were not in Somalia, we’re in America, and in this country you would think we would have the capabilityof providing clean drinking water. But a big fucking NO. 

Let me ask you something. Would you pay for toxic lead water? Would you even entertain the idea of giving to a city that fucked your water supply? Hell no! 

But guess what? If you don’t pay for that shitty poisonous water, the city is gonna foreclose on your ass. You’ll be homeless, but hey, that might not be so bad. As homelessyou could pitch a tent and collect rain water in buckets. Clean drinkable water for the price of nothing. 

If you want to know what real horror is, it’s right here in America. It’s right here in Flint.

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