Cussing Stinks Like Farts

Is it wrong to use profanity? Is the use of naughty words a sign of laziness?  Is the utterance of FUCK the equivalent of someone farting in your face?

Well, this guy named Eddie Lewis thinks so. Eddie Lewis presents four reasons why you shouldn’t cuss. Let’s look at them.

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1) cussing is repulsive

Eddie Lewis compares cussing to that of someone pissing in a public pool. I’m not joking.

Profanity is no different from passing gas or peeing in a public pool. It’s repulsive. It offends people.

Lewis, I would rather hear someone say fuck than swim in piss water. Piss water is ducking disgusting. I would also rather have someone tell me to suck my mother’s cock than smell someone’s fart. While profanity might offend your ears, the smell of a greasy burrito fart carries with it particles of fecal matter and lingers. The utterance of profanity does not carry fecal matter and should not linger unless you’re the type that fixate on some offense.

I know that you might be thinking that it doesn’t offend your friends. Right? Well, sure. A room full of people who are okay with cussing is a lot like a room full of people who don’t mind if you pick your nose and eat the snot, as long as they can do it, too. Of course it’s not offensive to people who cuss as much as you do.

So, if I’m following Lewis correctly, a bunch of people cussing is the equivalent of a bunch of people eating their snot? Uh, no. Just no. People eating their snot as a social function are probably insane. I don’t understand how a terrible comparison could be made. When people say bitch, shit, and fuck, they’re not engaging in a snot eating fest. You would be insane to think that literally. I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt on that.

2) profanity is selfish and self centered

But to  continue cussing because you don’t care what people think is really nothing more than a selfish act of disrespect. When you cuss, you are really saying that you don’t care about anyone else but yourself. That’s very different from saying you don’t care what they think of YOU. One is a selfish act of disrespect and the other is a sign of maturity.

Lewis fails to realize the irony here. One that takes offense at what another does and then wants that the other to change his or her behavior to fit one’s subjective standard is selfish and self centered, and that is exactly want he is suggesting. If you don’t like that I cuss in my writing, then don’t read it, or just move on. Plain and simple.

Now, if I’m cussing while talking to you and the word offends you. I would then ask why is that? Let’s explore how an adult is offended by adult language.

3) swearing is unintelligent and lazy

Based on what fucking evidence? Based one what fucking god damn evidence?

Lazy word usage? Lewis, take notice how I used profanity in the above sentences to emphasize a point. Profanity can be used to direct attention, escalate a situation, convey emotion. I know you understand that, right?

When we use fowl language, we actually end up not using the language part of our mind. What we don’t use, we lose. Right? So every time we cuss instead of articulating our feelings with real words, we put off the day that we become capable of expressing ourselves when we are emotional. Wouldn’t you agree that this is a valuable skill? How often do you look back at those times when you should have said something but the right words just wouldn’t come to you in the heat of the moment?

I think you mean ‘foul’ language. I guess you let a dick slip out from your mouth before you typed this post.

Are you a neuropsychologist? Neither am I, but I know from grad psych courses that when you use words, you use the language center of your brain. Even when you talk out of ass.

The other point you bring up is about thinking clearly and learning how to navigate situations based on experience. What does that have to do with cussing?

4) cussing shows a lack of self control

Without self control, we are nothing but animals. And in fact, that’s what cussing always felt like to me, as if I was barking or grunting like an animal. Unfortunately, when you give up self control, it drags you deeper into the proverbial gutter where not only is it even more difficult to stop cussing, but other problems begin to creep into your life. And the deeper you slide, the more the cussing feeds on itself and grows.

Lewis makes the argument that cussing brings the user to the level of a brutish, knuckle dragging animal. Is this a real argument? So, cussing is like barking for you? Sounds more like a personal problem with words, certain words.

I prefer to live a life that is not controlled by my body. As a Christian I believe that my body and soul must be submitted to the will of my spirit which is submitted to the Holy Spirit. This is what self control is to me, making my body conform to what I know is right.

According to New Testament, all Jesus asked for was belief in him. Jesus said nothing about fuck, shit, pussy, and dicks.

Self control is making Lewis’ body conform to what HE thinks is right. He said it for me. See, it’s all about him and his self centered world. What exactly makes him think that it he is right? What does right mean anyway?

But cussing is an act of letting the body rule the soul. It’s backwards. When we are irritated, we want to resort to the primal roar of cussing to make us feel better. But any time you let your body rule your life that way, you are asking for trouble.

This is not an argument based on logic. This is just bullshit about his feelings. Lewis makes it sounds like cussing leads to bad choices. If you’re having a shit day, it’s probably because you let one too many fucks through your lips.

The biggest problem I have with this while topic, beside being subjective, is that I fail to understand how profanity is offensive. I can see how racial slurs are. But, the word FUCK is just a four letter word that means what, exactly? That was determined to be offensive by whom, exactly? When did shit become a naughty word? Because it offends? Well, then why does it offend?

Lewis, if you don’t like that I cuss, then fine. I fucking cuss, and what’s the damn point. You would like me to stop. You think that it would be better for me to stop. But I don’t see it. Does that make me stubborn and selfish. Sure, I’ll concede that, but you are also selfish when you think I should conform fmto your standards.

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