Finding Time to Write

Let’s face it, writing takes time and time is hard to find. Unless you’re living off your parents, found a sugar momma, or comfortable living under a bridge, you gotta spend time busting your ass for a check that barely covers the bills. You get the check and know damn well you worked harder for this. We all do, right? 

Except the lucky few that found a way to exploit someone. Maybe I should be a welfare queen, or encourage my wife to find a sugar daddy. 

In order to bust your ass for that little dollar it takes time, a lot of time. So then, if you’re spending over 80 hours a week working, where do you find the time to write? 

What am I doing right now? I wrote this little blog post standing in the kitchen waiting on my coffee. 

That’s the time.

What are you doing when the kids go to sleep, after you and your wife had your intimate moment, or maybe you’re not married but you allowed both Hannifer and Palmela to play pogo on your stick. What are doing after that? Sleep? 

That’s the time.

What are you doing while you defecate at work? Checking your Facebook, Why? You already know it’s some drama BS or another heated political discussion that will go no where. 

That’s the time.

In order to find time, you have to use whatever time you can. Beggers can’t be choosers. And yes, the quality of the prose is killed when churning out as many words you can in 10 minutes, but it’s better than not getting the story out there, right? 

How do you find the time?

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