Massive Homicidal Cuck on the Loose!

Urgent, massive cuck having a homicidal meltdown all because he placed a ho before bros! Not joking. Easter Sunday, while kids were hunting for eggs, this cold ass pussy was hunting for headshots because some bitch named Joy Lane gave another dude head.

Jokes aside, Joy Lane is a stripper name and a brother should put much stock in a broad that was given a stage name at birth. Not blaming Joy Lane, either. Bitches gotta get paid and brothas want to get laid! The only person here to blame if the fucking scum of life named Stevie Stephenson. What kind of awful name is that? Terrible, just god awful.

Stevie finds out that his girl don’t wanna play with his limp dick, and he then goes around killing motherfuckers in the street WHILE on Facebook LIVE! The murderous fragile snowflake made sure to make time to update his Facebook after every murder, answer phone calls from concerned friends, and even told a coworker he might no make it to work!

Who the Hell goes on a shooting spree over relationship issues? It’s happened before, I’m thinking of Virginia Tech, and it’ll happen again because these pussies don’t give two fucks about others. These selfish ass cocksuckers will kill you or your loved ones because their life isn’t going well for them. What a fucking sad state of affairs, a fucking pathetic reality.

Worst part is, this isn’t over. First, it’s been a day and the viral social media motherfucker is still out on the run. Where’s the fucking NSA? Wiretap this ass clown and make him deep throat a twelve gauge! Second, there will be copycats that see this as the new way to get fifteen seconds. What happened to using pent up aggression for starting a band, throwing down beats, raping? If your a talentless hack and violently psycho, then do the world and just self inflect.

Stevie Stephenson would be a better place had he just killed himself istead of killing over a dozen random people! Never thought I would make a post that would advocate for suicide, but here it is. Is this wrong, really? If Stevie had blown himself away, then those other dudes would be alive, right?

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