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Month: April 2017

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Zombie Jesus Reading

Christians believe that Jesus is coming back, but what exactly does that mean? He’s Risen explores Jesus’ glorious return in several irreverent ways. Let’s read from one that has Jesus coming back as a zombie to fest on the flesh and blood of his followers! Mr. Deadman also looks at a list of over twenty people that claimed to be […]

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Zombie Jesus

Little Sally pushed and shoved her way through a pack of toddlers that aggressively fought for the same target: the blotch of purple that poked through the blades of grass. […]

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NEW Official Deadman’s Tome Shirt

Get your hands on the NEW Official Deadman’s Tome shirt! Comes in three colors: black, white, and blue. The blue looks pretty cool. Yeah, it’s a $19.99 shirt, but this shirt will last you longer than that order of General Tso and fried rice you placed. Every dollar from the shirt sales goes towards the magazine and allows Deadman’s Tome […]