Calling All Artists

Deadman’s Tome is holding an art competition. We are looking for artwork inspired by the issue ‘He’s Risen’, which features tales of zombies, Jesus as a zombie, Jesus hunting zombies and more. The competition will run from April 1st, 2017 until April 14th, 2017. There’s no entry fees. Only one piece of art/entry per person. Please send artwork as an attachment to In the … Continue reading Calling All Artists

Great Lovecraft Horror for FREE!

Deadman’s Tome The Ancient Ones is a great tribute to the dark and disturbed mind behind the Cthulhu mythos. Readers will descend deeper into madness with each and every story. Some of the stories go as far as to emulate the prose of the tormented Road Islander. And now, readers can read The Ancient Ones for FREE! That’s right, for nothing. But only for a … Continue reading Great Lovecraft Horror for FREE!

Hank Schwaeble On The Deadman’s Tome Podcast!

This Friday at 10pm CST, Hank Schwaeble joins with Mr. Deadman and Willie to talk about mentoring writers, American Nocturne, horror books that made into bad films, and more! Hank Schwaeble is a thriller writer and attorney in Houston, Texas. He’s also the author of Damnable, which received the Bram Stoker Award for best first novel. Hank is also a former Air Force officer and special agent … Continue reading Hank Schwaeble On The Deadman’s Tome Podcast!

Where the Missing Go – Kevin Holton

  Where the Missing Go Kevin Holton   There is a rule in my town: one day, you will go missing. You will never return. Those that go looking for you will suffer the same fate, whatever yours may have been. There’s a two-month grace period to make sure you haven’t simply gotten lost, or had an urgent visit to someone out of town, or … Continue reading Where the Missing Go – Kevin Holton

Horror for Charity!

  Mechanisms of Despair, Gary Buller’s debut collection, features dark psychological horror that will keep you hooked. This collection contains some of of Gary’s earlier works that have be re-written line by line, and put through the editing process again. Gary would like to think that the readers are getting a ‘high definition’ version of the original tales, and he’s absolutely correct.   The talented … Continue reading Horror for Charity!