Zomby Woof

Fever Dreams

It was the kid’s own fault he died. Not that I’m blaming him, mind you, ‘cus the situation he was in wasn’t his fault. I mean, hell, we’re all in it. The kid had his reasons for what he did, same as how I had mine for my part in the whole thing. Maybe it could have ended different, but we’re all trying to do our best with the little knowledge we have. History will have to decide if we’re right or wrong. Not that there’s much history these days. I suppose we’re starting fresh.

I hadn’t seen a rotter in a long time, over ten years or so, when the dog came limping up to the fence. (I’m probably one of the only ones left who remembers when they were everywhere. In my dreams, I’m a boy again, looking out the window of the army transport and seeing the…

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