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A Lovecraft Tribute


H. P. Lovecraft died  on March 15th, 1937, leaving behind a legacy that would take off and inspired many of the known modern horror writers of today. To pay tribute to his legacy, Deadman’s Tome put together an issue dedicated to the racist Rhode Islander and the Cthulhu Mythos he left behind.

Deadman’s Tome presents The Ancient Ones. The issue releases on March 1st for Amazon Kindle and 6×9 print.

Patrons of the Deadman’s Tome Patreon page can read it as early as February 20th. Become a patron by following this link:


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  1. […] Available for pre-order now from Deadman’s Tome is The Ancient Ones, a collection of Lovecraftian horror, written in tribute to one of the fathers of cosmic horror. Featuring ten stories, by authors such as Raven McAllister (Restless) and S. Alessandro Martinez (Dreams of Decay) among others, the collection is now available for pre-order here. […]

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