Is Trump the Second Coming of Christ

My wife saw this on her Facebook feed and she was like the person that posted this Trump\Jesus meme is an absolute idiot. My wife isn’t the sort to really give a damn what people post. But I have to agree, this meme has to be the dumbest thing I’ve seen in a while.  During Barack Obama’s inauguration, religious groups gave him, his family, and … Continue reading Is Trump the Second Coming of Christ

Trumpocalypse Reading Tonight

  Trumpocalypse reading tonight at 10PM CST. It will be a much better and much more entertaining show than the boring Trump inauguration. Open to calls via Skype using Watch live tonight using You can watch the live stream on Facebook using this link:   Continue reading Trumpocalypse Reading Tonight

Trump Inauguration Special!

  To commemorate Donald Trump’s inauguration and the dawn of the incoming disaster known as the Trump administration, Deadman’s Tome is offering a huge discount on Trumpocalypse! Don’t bemoan my conservative friends, even if you voted for Trump you must admit that his cabinet selections are a disaster, a complete unmitigated disaster. But what’s not a disaster is the huge discount on Deadman’s Tome Trumpocalypse. … Continue reading Trump Inauguration Special!

Call for Submissions for Lovecraft Themed Issue!

Deadman’s Tome is open for submissions for it’s March 2017 issue entitled The Ancient Ones. March 15th marks the death of H. P. Lovecraft and it would only be fitting to dedicated an issue to the legend that created the Cthulhu mythos. Guidelines for March 2017 issue Short stories and flash fiction 4000 word limit – a little spillover is fine No reprints  Multiple subs … Continue reading Call for Submissions for Lovecraft Themed Issue!

Can Horror Writer Michael J. Epstein Reanimate the Dead?

    Michael J. Epstein (he/him/his) is a Los Angeles-based filmmaker, writer, musician, and scientist. His creative work has been featured in such outlets as TIME, Scientific American, The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, SPIN, CURVE, and Fangoria. Michael is the director and screen writer for Blood of the Tribades  and is a musician busy with several bands. Michael is also a scientist much like Herbert … Continue reading Can Horror Writer Michael J. Epstein Reanimate the Dead?