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Call for Submissions for Lovecraft Themed Issue!

Deadman’s Tome is open for submissions for it’s March 2017 issue entitled The Ancient Ones. March 15th marks the death of H. P. Lovecraft and it would only be fitting to dedicated an issue to the legend that created the Cthulhu mythos.

Guidelines for March 2017 issue

  • Short stories and flash fiction
  • 4000 word limit – a little spillover is fine
  • No reprints 
  • Multiple subs okay
  • Payment is 10% of net earnings off of magazine sales (print and digital)
  • Deadline February 17th 

Send submissions to 

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WTF? I’m Doing What?

No Safe Word comes out in February and is loaded with a blend of dark erotic perversions and brutal horror. Just like Krampus and Trumpocalypse, the issue will be available for Kindle and Kindle ready devices (smart phones). 

Here’s the deal, if we can get 10 pre orders before next Friday I will include a photo of me wearing a bra. If we get 50 pre orders, I will leak out photos of myself with lots of dicks. 

However, the biggest thing is that if we can get 100 pre orders by February, then I will get spanked by a dominatrix like a bad little piggy and record it for your entertainment!

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Don’t Make Me Wear a Bra!

You have the power to make me wear a bra and include a photo of it in Deadman’s Tome No Safe Word, but here’s the thing. We’ve got to get the pre order up to atleast 10 BEFORE next Friday! 

That’s 10 measly pre orders. That should be stupid simple. Book of Horrors had that amount. But the question is can you make me humble? Are you going to help reach that goal? 

Follow the link below to the Amazon page and pre order today!

No Safe Word can be pre ordered using this link

No Safe Word is a beautiful blend of erotica perversion and gritty horror that Deadman’s Tome is known for. No Safe Word is not your lonely housewife 50 Shades fantasy. No, this magazine is brutal horror with a lot of whips, chains, revenge sex, and more. 

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Can Horror Writer Michael J. Epstein Reanimate the Dead?



Michael J. Epstein (he/him/his) is a Los Angeles-based filmmaker, writer, musician, and scientist. His creative work has been featured in such outlets as TIME, Scientific American, The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, SPIN, CURVE, and Fangoria.

Michael is the director and screen writer for Blood of the Tribades  and is a musician busy with several bands. Michael is also a scientist much like Herbert West and is currently working on a solution to reanimate the dead!



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Alex Jones was Right About the Frogs!

Alex Jones was right about the government modifying frogs, but he was wrong about for what purpose. The US military isn’t interested in turning the frogs gay, but Trump is very much interested in churning out his own genetically modified Frog Soldiers. Why? Because Donald Trump doesn’t trust the military and Frog Soldiers seem like a great idea!

Horror writer, filmmaker, and scientist Michael J. Epstein meets with Mr. Deadman to talk about Trumpocalypse and his hilarious satirical piece titled Frog Soldiers!

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Interview with Michael J. Epstein


Tonight at 10PM CST, Michael J. Epstein meets with Mr. Deadman to talk about Trumpocalypse and more. Michael J. Epstein is a writer, author, filmmaker, musician, and actor – a very talented guy, for sure. He’s also a scientiest. He might just be the smartest guest on the show yet. Let’s explore this man’s brain together. Listen LIVE tonight at 10PM CST

Michael J. Epstein (he/him/his) is a Los Angeles-based filmmaker, writer, musician, and scientist. His creative work has been featured in such outlets as TIME, Scientific American, The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, SPIN, CURVE, and Fangoria.

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No Safe Word Pre-Orders Available


Deadman’s Tome No Safe Word blends the perversions of erotica, the leather whips and cold chains of BDSM with strong overtones of brutal horror. The sort of relentless dark that Deadman’s Tome delivers with every release. And though No Safe Word releases in February, you can pre-order a copy and receive it the moment it comes out.

Why pre-order? What could you possibly get as an extra? Well, I know for a fact that there are a few photos of myself that are very interesting and very questionable, and I wouldn’t mind throwing that in to the magazine, but I would need a lot of pre-orders for that.

Use this link to pre-order a copy of No Safe Word.


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Does Russia Have Dirt On Trump?

President-elect Donald Trump slams BuzzFeed by calling trendy news source a ‘failing pile of garbage’ over a report that Moscow has been blackmailing the businessman with past sex adventures in Russia.

On Tuesday, CNN reported that a memo that eluded that Russia has compromising materials over Trump was shared with the Barack Obama and Donald Trump by the US intelligence community.

Later in the day, Buzzfeed published the entire set of memos, which were allegedly “prepared for political opponents of Trump by a person who is understood to be a former British intelligence agent.”

The report alleged that Trump has “personal obsessions and sexual perversion,” including graphic sex acts.

As Trump nears inauguration, heat from liberal camps and liberal slanted news outlets continues to grow. Bombarded with headlines of election foul play, Russian hacks, and hiring hookers the president-elect may get smoked out before his day to sit behind the desk at the oval office can come.

At least, that’s what hopeful liberals would like to think.

I doubt that Trump was blackmailed to go through the process of running a presidential campaign, a campaign that face a gauntlet of opponents, and was victorious despite overwhelming odds.

Trump had already had a sexual scandal of “pussy grabbing” leak out and it did not seem to even put a dent in his campaign. Trump has made very lewd and disgusting remarks about his own daughter, Ivanka Trump, even when she was present. What could Russia possibly have on Trump?

What sort of material would Russia have to have on Trump to motivate him to be their whipping boy? Is there a sex tap with Trump as a gimp for a gang of Russian midgets? Did he pay Pussy Riot for golden showers?

What do you think?



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Roughly around October 2016, I ran a promotion for Deadman’s Tome HORRGASM and for the site in general and came back weeks later to this message:


That’s right, my account has been flagged because apparently promoting unadulterated gruesome horror fiction violates precious guidelines. I never really thought Mark Zuckerberg was a pussy, but now I know. But I shouldn’t be surprised. Not about the Mark Zuckerberg being a cuck for family values, but for the flag on my account.

You see, when I ran the promo for HORRGASM and for the site, Facebook tried to stop it with a warning that Facebook does not promote pornographic material. I was taken aback, because while HORRGASM contained strong sexual vulgarity, it was all text. If I had known HORRGASM was going to earn me a flag I would’ve gone even more brazen with it and loaded it with images that would haunt one’s psyche for months.


Because of this flag, I cannot even promote the Facebook page or any of the posts. Deadman’s Tome is considered adult material and locks it away in basement like some perverted fiend. How do I feel about this? It sucks that I wouldn’t be able to purchase ads on the social media giant, but at the same time, it means that Deadman’s Tome might actually be the dark and brutal horror mag I intended. For that, I must thank all of the authors that made the Tome possible. It wasn’t me. The only thing I did was create a beacon of sorts, a lightning rod for some of the most depraved minds out there.

While the political correctness craze could be worrisome for a dark and brutal horror magazine, human nature suggests that content that is suppressed, banned, blocked or by some other means restricted from the population becomes more desirable. People want to read what other people say they shouldn’t. Readers will look at the facts and ask what is in the magazine that is that bad?

And the answer is waiting for them.




Read and find out why Facebook flagged me.


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Deadman’s Tome Krampus Christmas, Trumpocalypse, and the upcoming No Safe Word deliver different flavors of horror with dark and brutal being a consistent theme, but purchasing each issue individually can really eat up your wallet. There must be a better way to enjoy provocative and disturbing horror, and guess what? There is.

Subscribe to Deadman’s Tome by pledging one dollar on patreon, and you get access to the digital copy of the magazine for no additional charge. That’s a freakin’ steal. You could’ve read Deadman’s Tome Krampus Christmas and Trumpocalypse for two dollars versus the sell price for each one.

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