Interview with Bob McNeil 


Bob McNeil is the author of The Best Horror Short of 2016, and the author of the most talked about story on Deadman’s Tome! You know what story I’m referring to. I’m referring to Uxoricide, the very American, and very culturally relevant horror short.
But Bob McNeil is a lot more than the author of a short story on a small but growing site. Mr. McNeil is a poet, an artist of both word and line. A creative man with an elegant prose that my also be a bit of a deviant. I mean, he gave Deadman’s Tome the green light to showcase his story and he’s agreed to speak with me on the podcast.

Who is Bob McNeil? Where does his inspiration come from, and does he sell it? Some of these questions I will ask. If you have a question for McNeil, let me know in the chat or in the comments below.

You do not want to miss this episode of The Deadman’s Tome podcast!

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