Don’t Make Me Wear a Bra!

You have the power to make me wear a bra and include a photo of it in Deadman’s Tome No Safe Word, but here’s the thing. We’ve got to get the pre order up to atleast 10 BEFORE next Friday! 

That’s 10 measly pre orders. That should be stupid simple. Book of Horrors had that amount. But the question is can you make me humble? Are you going to help reach that goal? 

Follow the link below to the Amazon page and pre order today!

No Safe Word can be pre ordered using this link

No Safe Word is a beautiful blend of erotica perversion and gritty horror that Deadman’s Tome is known for. No Safe Word is not your lonely housewife 50 Shades fantasy. No, this magazine is brutal horror with a lot of whips, chains, revenge sex, and more. 

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