Debt is the American Dream


Horror writer Chuck Buda joins Mr. Deadman to discuss Pay Up and Die. Pay Up and Die is a horror novel that illustrates a problem that is all too real, a problem that resonates with the American people: debt. It seems in order to do anything one is required to get into a debt. Want that new car? Let’s finance. Want that college degree? Take some student loans without thinking about it. Want that house? Here’s more debt and let’s see how well you can stay afloat before you drown.

When America is supposed to be a beacon of some sort, an example, and yet burdened with debt, it makes one wonder if that example is the dangers of delusions of grandeur. We are coming close to a time when debt collectors may take a more serious way of collecting what’s theirs. We are already in a time where people will sell their own kids to appease their debt collectors. But what if you could fight to the death in a battle royale to have you debt erased? Imagine the numbers of willing contestants, but the trick is that the winner always loses because that vanished debt doesn’t come with a nice check. Rather the debt is gone, but the need to get back into debt in order to live remains.

Chuck also talks about what it’s like to be a co-host under the mean Armand Rosamilia on the Mando Method podcast and shares something that he has never told anyone.


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