Trumpocalypse is Now

Due to a goof when navigating the new Kindle Digital Publishing interface, the print edition of Trumpocalypse is now available! Deadman’s Tome Trumpocalypse is loaded with dark twisted stories featuring the President, riffing on his ego, his micro-penis, and his love for his daughter. Trumpocalypse delivers more laughs than scares, but the dark tones and demented edge is everything Deadman’s Tome. Check out the interview with … Continue reading Trumpocalypse is Now

Interview with author Theresa Braun

Theresa Braun, author of While My Guitar Gently Weeps, Shout at the Devil, the Price of Love, and Dead over Heels, joins Mr. Deadman to talk about everything from her latest projects, writing, and ghost hunting. Check out the conversation on the Deadman’s Tome podcast Friday night at 10PM CST. You can check out Theresa Braun’s work by going to her website at     Continue reading Interview with author Theresa Braun

Krampus Christmas Review!

5.0 out of 5 starsKrampus is Coming! By Reading Books in Bmore on December 7, 2016 Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase There are more scares in this anthology than there are kids in Krampus’s basket! Grant Butler begins with a poem that introduces the malicious Krampus, as well as the collection’s themes of despair and retribution. Gary Buller’s “The Present,” the longest tale, shows the … Continue reading Krampus Christmas Review!

Are You Sick of Christmas?

Are you sick of Christmas? Do you have ungrateful children that don’t even deserve a lump of coal, but you give it to them anyway just to shut them up? Do you cringe at the sound of Jingle Bells, and just one ‘Merry Christmas’ away from going on a murderous killing spree that would rival Stephen King’s The Shining? Then Deadman’s Tome Krampus Christmas will make … Continue reading Are You Sick of Christmas?


Are you ready for an all out satirical Trump-bash? Loaded with dark, twisted stories at Trump’s expense, an interview with S. J. Budd, and an interview with Donald Trump himself. What? Is this legit? Is Deadman’s Tome going to get sued? It’s not my fault Trump is so forgetful. Must be dementia. But, in case I do get sued. Please pre-order a copy to help … Continue reading TRUMPOCALYPSE Inbound!