Best Story of 2016!

Sweet Mug

Let’s take the top story for every month and vote on the Best of 2016! You might notice that the number of stories doesn’t equal the number of months, and that’s because some were repeaters. I will not disclose which ones, but if you really want to know you can listen to the breakdown of the top horror stories on Deadman’s Tome here:


The stories chosen for consideration are The Corruption in the Deep by S. Alessandro MartinezNorth by Due North – David M. HoenigHold Me Tight – S. J. BuddBlackmouth by S. Alessandro MartinezThe Weapon Collector by Dave Hann[NSFW] Unbloom by Kristine Hall-GarciaBeached by Corey NilesUxoricide by Bob McNeilThe Boy in the Trunk – Nicola Lombardi, and The Chasm Bridged by Carson Winter

The winner will receive a free Deadman’s Tome mug




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