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Are you ready for an all out satirical Trump-bash? Loaded with dark, twisted stories at Trump’s expense, an interview with S. J. Budd, and an interview with Donald Trump himself. What? Is this legit? Is Deadman’s Tome going to get sued? It’s not my fault Trump is so forgetful. Must be dementia.

But, in case I do get sued. Please pre-order a copy to help pay for my inevitable legal fees. Deadman’s Tome Trumpocalypse is available through Amazon Kindle for $2.99 and will release January 6th.

Want early access? Become a patreon and for a $1 and receive an early copy as early as January 1st.



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  1. […] My tweet-based flash-fiction story about the rise of “The Frog Soldiers” soon after Donald Trump’s inauguration is included in the special “Trumpocalypse” edition of the Deadman’s Tome. […]

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