What The Fuck Deadman’s Tome

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…how dare you release such a fucking awesome anti-christmas theme anthology! Sensationalized headline aside, Deadman’s Tome Krampus Christmas has received some amazing reviews on Amazon. Check out what MA Book Reviewer had to say:

A vulgar and demented Christmas! A focused anthology, the six stories (one poem) play off each other attacking the holidays in decidedly different (and perverse) ways.

Deadman’s Tome Krampus Christmas is certainly very vulger, obscene, and is absolutely not for children, and that unadulterated, unfiltered edge is what the readers enjoy. Check out these reviews:

This is a fantastic anthology which really captures the darker side of the holiday season. Each of the six stories (one poem) takes great glee in showing the reader just how dark and disturbing Christmastime can be, and from the very first page the pace never relents. Read this in one sitting, preferably with the lights turned down low.

This anthology is a tight, six story excercise in horror that is an ideal ebook gift for any lover of the genre. I liked that the stories could be consumed in short sittings and the originality on display here is very, very good. We have deadly snowmen of a different kind, a deadly visitor that brings a lot more than presents to a family one Christmas, and a horrendous holiday discovery in some backwater woods. For the price you can’t argue. Give it a bash. It’s very good.

It’s hard to argue a price of $2.99, the price of a tall RedBull. A RedBull that you’ll down and end up just pissing away. This terrifying horror anthology, however, will stay with you, and quite possibly haunt you.

Check out Deadman’s Tome Krampus Christmas



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