Elf on the Shelf – Randy Whittaker

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Elf on the Shelf

Randy Whittaker

Little Jimmy crept down the stairs, peeking over the railing. He knew it was early and his parents wouldn’t be awake yet.

But he just had to know.

He had been extra good this year and he knew Santa would reward his good behavior. He crept down the stairs and his little hands left sweaty trails on the shiny wood of the banister.

As he stepped onto the floor, he heard the slightest sound.

His ears perked up and the noise stopped.  

He could feel his heart beginning to race and he had to pee but he could hold it. His feet shimmied across the cold tile.

As he approached the living room, he could see the lights from the tree dancing across the walls. The strange sound started again only louder.  

He knew he shouldn’t be up but that was alright.

He had been extra vigilant at finding his elf on the shelf and knew it would not betray him.

Every day he would make his bed and help his mommy do her chores. The elf stared down at him and he tried not to look at it but he knew it was there.

He could almost feel its eyes following him as he did his work. He smiled as he went to bed every night knowing the elf would report back to Santa what a good boy he had been.

He turned the corner to the room and his eyes lit up as the tree, in all of its expectant glory, stood before him. He could see the shiny packages lying underneath, just waiting for him to tear open. As he stepped into the room, movement caught his eye.

He turned and the elf stood there, knife in its hand, its eyes blood red.

At first, Jimmy didn’t understand how the elf could be standing upright.

As he tried to grasp the weirdness, the elf ran towards him, the knife glinting from the lights on the tree. Jimmy’s brain was confused but he soon realized he was in danger.

He screamed and turned to run away.

The elf began to laugh and Jimmy could feel his bladder releasing as he tried to make his way back up the stairs.

He made the stairs just as the elf grabbed his leg.

Jimmy screamed again and kicked the elf off.

He continued to try and get up the stairs but the elf regained control and grabbed Jimmy’s leg again.

As the knife plunged down, Jimmy wondered what Santa would think of his naughty little elf.

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