Appraised Risk – Jim Lee

  APPRAISED RISK Jim Lee Several impatient strides brought Julio Rodriguez into the back room where he found his assistant hunched over in a corner, staring at his tablet computers with feverish intensity. Julio frowned. If it had been any other 22-year-old, he would’ve assumed young Mr. Running Deer was enjoying some internet porn on work time. But in this case that just didn’t seem … Continue reading Appraised Risk – Jim Lee

The Way In – Gary Buller

  The Way In Gary Buller   Leroy Tyrell’s mood descended as the lift slowly carried him to the fourth floor. Something had been niggling him from the moment he exited his car that morning, the distinct feeling that something wasn’t right. His dad would have probably described it as negative mojo, but Leroy wasn’t as superstitious as the old man. Still- it persisted as … Continue reading The Way In – Gary Buller

Turbo Slut 5K – Where Women Dominate and Perverts Die

Turbo Slut 5K is an ultra-violent, hyper-sexualized, and brutally offensive tale of sizzling lust, savage revenge, and the triumph over some ruthless misogynistic scum f**ks told in six exciting chapters! Set in a dark and gritty cyberpunk dystopia, three FuckBots defy their programming and acquire a notorious reputation that earns them a hefty bounty of fifteen billion dollars! With such a price on their heads, … Continue reading Turbo Slut 5K – Where Women Dominate and Perverts Die

Cry Baby – Al Edwards

Cry Baby Al Edwards The baby’s cries echoed through the empty house. No soft furnishings to muffle the ear piercing sound. Everything was still in boxes. Peter had been called away on business. “But we’ve just moved in,” I told him. “Can’t we at least spend the first night together?” “You know I have to go, honey,” he said. “It’s because of these nights away, … Continue reading Cry Baby – Al Edwards