Krampus Comes To Town

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Deadman’s Tome Krampus Christmas is on the horizon and it bears stories that serve as example for how NOT to behave. While Santa watches you while you sleep, Krampus watches you while you feed your vices. While you can erase your internet history, you can’t erase what Krampus already knows. And Krampus knows you’ve been bad this year. Krampus knows if you’ve gone to the dark web for some questionable activities. Krampus knows if you’ve keyed your bosses car, or if you’ve cheated on your wife, or even if you’ve killed and buried your neighbor’s dog. And Krampus doesn’t just give out coals and stick to bad little boys and girls who act like pricks. Oh no. Krampus gives out something extra special, something that’ll last forever.

Deadman’s Tome Krampus Christmas is slated to arrived December 2nd 2016 and will be available via Amazon Kindle for $2.99. You can pre-order a copy. You can also get a Digital copy from me directly by pledging a one dollar ($1) at


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