Monthly Horror and Important Stuff

Currently, Deadman’s Tome releases scary stories and demented horror every other day. Feeding horror fans and horror fiends alike with a daily dose of horror. While readers seem to enjoy the steady releases, perhaps it would be even more enjoyable with a bit of a tease. Instead of getting that horror fix on a daily basis, Deadman’s Tome will be that cruel mistress that makes you wait for it.

Starting now, Deadman’s Tome will offer two tiers of publication.

Top Tier: The lucky few will be featured in an electronic magazine available through Kindle. Print editions would soon follow. The authors featured will earn royalties (10% of net sales).

Bottom Tier: The rest will be featured on the site where they will receive exposure and chances to win prizes through various contest. See the Horror Olympics and the Story of the Week polls. Don’t fret, being a bottom isn’t always a bad thing.

This does not change current and existing contracts.




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