Deadman’s Tome Live with Grant Butler

  Horror writer Grant Butler meets with Mr. Deadman on the Deadman’s Tome podcast to discuss The Night Before Krampus, a demented twist on The Night Before Christmas that serves as good antidote to all that infectious Christmas cheer. Fuck happy holidays. It’s Christmas, every one knows that it’s Christmas, and all it is is a soulless money sucking commercial holiday. Grant Butler was previously … Continue reading Deadman’s Tome Live with Grant Butler

Trumpocalypse Submissions Open

Whether you hate it or love it, Trump is the elected president of the United States of America. For some, Trump spells a rise of the alt-right and the racism and misogyny that follows. Some worry that Trump will lead to a dictatorship of hate and bigotry, and others fear that this hate and bigotry will lead to roaming deportation squads aimed at minorities and … Continue reading Trumpocalypse Submissions Open

Advertise on Deadman’s Tome

Deadman’s Tome pulls in 5k-10k views a day. Advertise on Deadman’s Tome to reach an audience that loves everything horror! Deadman’s Tome offers readers demented horror and scary stories that appeal to fans of Stephen King, H.P. Lovecraft, and, at times, Kafka. Whether it is a new horror novel, announcement of a new film, app, or kick starter project, you’ll find an audience with Deadman’s … Continue reading Advertise on Deadman’s Tome

The Bleeder – Mr. Deadman

The Bleeder Mr. Deadman It was a few minutes past midnight when the commotion subtly uprooted the diseased calm that lingered in the alleyway. The back doors of the van flew wide open. A body, or something that resembled one, was thrown out to tumble along the rough pavement. The heap splashed into a puddle of water and stayed without the slightest twitch. Just like … Continue reading The Bleeder – Mr. Deadman