The Boogeyman – Larry Sells

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Tears flowed down my cheeks.  I lied in bed and watched the darkness.  It seemed to move and hid something, something that I could not make out.  It scared me.


From downstairs, I heard my father and mother’s loud voices.  I did not know what scared me worse, the way the darkness moved or the yelling my parents were doing.  


Then, it happened.  A flesh to flesh sound erupted through my ears.  


“You slapped me.  You bastard.”


“If you don’t shut the fuck up, I’ll do more than that to you.”


“Is that a threat?  You a big man threatening a woman.  The mother of your children.”


“Not a threat, but a promise.  A woman.”  I heard him laugh.  “You mean a whore.  As for the children, I helped to bring them in this world, am more than happy to take them from it.”


“You mean.  You will kill the children.”


“Yes, I will kill the children.  I don’t want to do it, but I will if you keep pestering me all the time about money.  And about how you work all day providing for this family.  While I do nothing, but stay at home and sponge off you.”


I felt the tension get tighter and the shadows moved closer to me.  I wanted to scream out for help, but was afraid who would answer.  My mother or dad.  I had heard my dad striking my mother, and I did not want to see my father’s handprint on my mother’s face.


I held my breath when the shadows came within touching distance.  I closed my eyes, and slowly opened them.  I felt a cold hand touch me.  I looked and saw a solid black creature with bright red eyes and huge white fangs.  I could not hold it any longer.  I screamed.  “Mom, Mom.

Come, quick before the monster takes me and eats me alive.”


The cold hand dissolved when my mother turned on the light.  She held me.  “There, there.  There’s no monsters here.”  She looked underneath the bed. “No monsters here.”  She looked in the closet.  “No monsters here.” She then gave me a hug and wiped my tears away.  “Want me to keep the light on.”


“You better turn off that light, or I come up there with my pistol and shoot the fucker off.”

She reluctantly turned the light off and walked down the stairs.


I lied down and closed my eyes and tried not to think about the shadows moving around my bed.  Sleep came to me.  


Inside my nightmare, I ran from a giant, six-foot-tall shadowy figure.  Voices from its victims called it the boogeyman.  I grew tired running from it, but I knew if I stopped the monster would catch me, kill me, and might even eat me.  Somehow I knew that if I died in this nightmare, I would die in real life, as well.


I prayed for a tree to climb or a door for me to close and lock.  I knew that neither option was available to me, but I could only wish.  


Just over the hill, I saw a tree.   I sprinted to it and climbed the tree.  I sat on the second highest branch, so I could catch my breath and calm myself down.

The shadows started to move.  I saw the shadow creature.  It moved like the shadows at night in my room.  I looked closer at the face, it resembled my father.


I was jerked up from the bed.  I woke up to a punch in the face.


“This is what you get for screaming like a baby.”  My father punched me in the face again.


The world started spinning.  I heard my mother, “Get away from him.  Have you done enough damage to him for the night.”


My fear was when he was finished with me that he would kill my mother.


Before I went into the darkness, I heard a loud thud.


I was back in the tree looking down at the creature and the face of the creature was my father’s, again.  My mind was not surprised, for my father loved to act with violence first and ask questions later.


A creature who hides in the darkness of my room and in the darkest corner of my mind where nightmares bred.  


My mother pulled him off me.  I was already unconscious and my face started to turn black and blue and puffy.  “Stop it, you’re going to kill him.”


“What if I do.  We will have one less mouth to feed.  Nobody will mess him.  He’s different.  There’s something mentally wrong with him.  I’ll be doing him a favor by killing him now.”

“You don’t get to make that choice.”

“Yes I do, I brought him into this world; I’ll take him out of it.”

“He was in me for nine months, and I gave birth to him.  I have more say what happens to him than you do.”

“Too bad he’s waking up.”  He left.


I came back to my body and the pain.  I moaned and my mother held my head.  I looked at her and said, “Did you see the Boogeyman?”


Tears came down her cheeks, “I saw the Boogeyman.  He’s gone for now.


“He did this to me?”


Tears flowed down my mother’s cheeks as she nodded.


In the closet, the shadows shook as globs of darkness joined together until the darkness and shadows were shaped like my father.

The light bulbs flickered.  From the closet, what was my father growled.

“We better leave and leave fast.  Whatever that is I don’t think we should be here when it gets done doing whatever it’s doing.”

We started running as fast as we could.  As we got to the bottom of the steps, my father was definitely no longer my father.  He looked like a creature maybe the Boogeyman.

“Come on he’s not your father anymore.”

I swallowed hard and went with my mother.  The creature started to walk down the stairs. Its scarlet eyes held us in place.

“Come on before he gets us.”

We didn’t break wind when we erupted through the front door and the door slammed hard.  Minutes later, the door opened and the boogeyman came out.

“Come on.  Wait for me. I swear I wouldn’t hurt you, much.  Heck, I’ll just kill and eat you.”

All the streetlights went out.  I felt a chill go up and down my body.  It’s getting darker the closer he got to us.

Was he absorbing light or was light running away from him. My mind struggled with this puzzle.  I knew it was vital that we somehow came to this conclusion.

We ran as fast as we could, but he kept up with us slowly gaining up with us.

“Why don’t we stop at one of the neighbors?”

“The lights are off.”

“What that has to do with it.”



“The boogiemen got them.”

“How, because the houses are unusually dark and quiet.  When was the last time you saw an entire block of housing full of darkness?”

“Never. Yes, I see your point also too quiet.”

“Hurry, he’s, gaining again.”

I look behind us.  “Damn he’s just a half a block behind us.”

“There,” my mother stopped at a car, she opened it up and started it, as I ran across it, and got inside.

“We are safe.”

I saw the boogeyman right on our tail as the car pulled ahead.

He held up his right hand and twisted it.

Our car sputtered and died.  Mom tried to start it, but it failed to start.


Inside my head, “I got you.  I got you.”

Mom and I had problems getting to our feet as the boogieman came closer to us.

A loud crack came from behind us.  Another one. Something struck the boogieman twice and knock it backwards a few steps.

From behind us, a van pulled next to us. “Hurry come in.” A third crack came from behind us and it knocked the boogeyman backwards again.  

Seconds later, we picked up the guy who was shooting the boogeyman and off we went into the darkness.

“How come we didn’t turn your van off.”  

“We were shooting him.”

My mother asked, “How many do you think they are?”

“I don’t know or we think there is at least one in every house or apartment throughout the whole town.”

“That many,” I looked up at mom.

“We don’t know what kills them.  We have a ham radio and got a hold of a military base.  They told us that it’s not just here.  It’s national.

My mother said, “What.”

“It’s nationwide. And they don’t know how to kill them anymore than we do.”

A loud rumbling noise overhead. And a whistling noise.  Then, a series of loud bangs.

“What then hell.” Bang.  Silence.

The boogeymen combined because of the heat of the bombs and flew toward the planes.  The pilots yelled as they became infected.

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