‘Are STEM Syllabi Gendered?’ A Feminist Professor Says Women Can’t Do Science – Hit & Run : Reason.com

Every now and then I find an article that is so horrifically stupid that I can’t resist blasting it on the Tome. Those familiar with the Tome know that sometimes I refer to this as Real Horror, and boy, does this little gem of stupidity earn the label.

Apparently, the reason why women do not enter STEM fields is because the scientific  method is sexist! A method in which to conduct science, which says nothing about gender, is sexist!? 

Even better, STEM classes are SO sexist that even their syllabi are gendered and insensitive. Well, maybe that one college in the deep south might have a clause about how women should let be in class, but I don’t see how “promoting the idea that knowledge can be ascertained through reason” is sexist unless you’re implying that women can’t reason, and ifor that’s the case then the real sexist is the one making that stupid claim.

I wish I was making this up. This is a direct quote from the article:

The syllabi for college-level STEM courses—science, technology, engineering, and mathematics—are “gendered” because they promote the idea that knowledge can be ascertained through reason. This is a masculine concept that hurts women’s feelings and makes it difficult for them to succeed.
In addition, apparently the wording of this phrase in a syllabus is offensive to women:

critical thinker considers all available evidence with an open mind and uses appropriate techniques to analyze that evidence and reach a conclusion.

Now, before you go over to the site to channel your frustration, I should point out that this article is actually referring to a scientific study by the University of North Dekota. But that just makes the claim that STEM and scientific method are inherently sexist even more absurd.


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