Unbloom Says Something About Horrible People That Violate Kids

Unbloom by Kristine Hall-Garcia is more than a short horror about a wife that yearns for the affection of her husband, a man that is both a necrophiliac and a pedophile, but her Husband keeps a fuck toy in the basement. Unbloom is more than a brutal and gritty work of fiction, the story illustrates the simple but horrible fact that some people remain silent to the evil that others do.

The story focuses on the wife’s desperate plea for affection, to be loved like the way her husband loves the dead little girl. The wife knew her husband has this sick desire and has been enacting on it, and yet she rides along with it.

Thank god it’s only fiction, right?

While Unbloom is fiction, the reality is that much worse has happened and will continue to happen. In a world where men and women fuck farm animals and sell their kids for money, any thing is possible. Brutal tales like Unbloom serve as a bitter reminder and the complexity of the emotions involved.


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