Share the Horror

As of 9/17/2016, Deadman’s Tome Book of Horrors II has a total of four pre-orders. That’s sad. That’s embarrassing. The site has boomed in traffic. I have posted pictures of the site graphs wot show that in 2016 has been a very good year for Deadman’s Tome. Twitter followers have grown, wordpress followers have grown. Despite that, there seems to be a disconnect.

So much traffic and growth of followers yet only 4 pre-orders. Only four? Is there some cosmic force working against the Tome?

I wonder if the problem is the free content. The stories in the anthology are available on the site for free and why buy an anthology when you can just read for free?

Expect that to change. It’ll be in the best interest of the authors to push for the anthology as 10% of sales on nothing is not worth a damn.

Every reader should at least spread the awareness of the Book of Horrors II. If you can’t afford 2.99 for the anthology, at least share it.


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